It’s working great now thank for saving me a bunch of money . I plan to create another video to explain. I had to buy a T15 Torx screwdriver since I didn’t have one, but it only cost me $8. The bottom end of it is already released. I don’t think any water was even getting to the upper rack before. By the way, I’m a 65 year old woman with a doctorate in public health. Thank you, this was very helpful. So … why doesn’t it snap off??? Does anyone have a solution for this? Mine didn’t come off like their video either, but mine isn’t exactly the same model as the video, the trick was there is a small lever on the front left of the stack (center) that you can gently twist that will come off (lift up) and release the two pipe tubes without any real effort. No smoke, fire or spraying water though. There is a triangular piece that pulls up to get to the debris, in my case glass. Fridgidare gold series, the top spray arms quit delivering any water. I thought this was causing low water pressure to the top rack. If you have found this site via google or other search engine, please be sure to check out all of our podcasts. Many thanks for the terrific video. Couldn’t believe how much gunk we had that was getting sprayed on our dishes for months. Its still a pain, and even when it is is totally clear of debris, it still leaves residue and doesn’t even take all of the soap from the dispenser. This is our second time around with this helpful fix – the first one lasted nearly a year! Great Video! Do you notice any leaks, unusual noises or inadequate cleaning? I started this whole process b/c it wouldn’t drain yesterday. Thanks again for the viseo and any light that you might shed on places to look for water flow blockages. With Gratitude We have a Kenmore Ultra Wash III dishwasher, model 665 1677993. Boxing Day Dec 26 2013…11 folks over for Christmas dinner and our Elite on the fritz…fills but after that nothing…DISASTER….followed the tips here…15 minutes later…4 toothpicks, 1/4 BBQ skewer, an olive pit and several other pieces of ?? Any ideas on this? I am not sure. Do have any idea which way it should be? Almost no water was getting circulated. That doesn’t necessarily translate into a good wash in this case. Thank you! thanks guys. Uugh…was hoping for an easier option as this is what I have been doing for about a year but it just comes right back. I think some of the other comments have suggested that there is a second screw holding down the cover. In fact, it appeared that the upper spray arm above the top rack was not spraying much of any water onto the dishes. Most dishwashers have a simple locking knob on the bottom. So, thanks again, you household hotties! Hi Handyguy Paul. The Lower Spray Arm is used in your dishwasher to spray water and clean your dishes. Wanted to add my thanks for a great video. But at least I now know I can do it myself! Typically, you don’t need to remove the cover anyway, but your results may vary. and the blades. My Kenmore (Whirlpool) Elite dishwasher (665.1386) is not getting upper rack dishes clean. My Kenmore Elite dishwasher stopped working yesterday and I still haven’t been able to fix it. I dont think the big home centers do this test. – Inside the door near the bottom, lots of nasty stuff stuck down there. Fantastic! Thanks. I’ve checked the breaker and that’s ok, other than that, I’ve looked inside and everything looks to be alright. You saved us $$$ in a service call with this video. The lights come on, it fills with water, and I can hear it click on the dial. Thanks for the video. we followed your instructions and found to our great amazement that there was all kinds of junk in the bottom and that the bottom rack was getting very clean now. I have everything unscrewed that I can see and still can’t get the screen off. I successfully took apart, clean and reassemble my dishwasher. Blu, Hy, I just don,t know to cancel the locked light on kemore elite dish washwer Thank you. I’m looking forward to the follow-up video! No labor. Thanks for this great video. is the sprayer arm on the bottom supposed to wiggle after it is tightened down? I am holding the plastic nut and turning counter clockwise but have been doing it forever. Tom. I have model 665 15632. Kind of tired of applying the work-around by manually cleaning every second week. how do I replace the gasket over the pump and under the wash arm. It gave me the assurance that I could take apart the plastic components without breaking something and I feel much more informed about dishwasher maintenance. DW now works great! Thank you. We’ll be adding this to our annual maintenance schedule for our home. I can’t thank you enough for the video. is part no 9. I know the part you are referring to but I’m not 100% sure of its operation or exactly what its called. I’ve walloped it with a mallet and tried pulling and prying from all angles with no luck. My kenmore elite dishwasher isn’t getting the dishes clean and they are never dry. Try the Finish powerballs mentioned as well as the cleaning procedure in the video. Thought I made progress but dishes continued to come out dirty. Andreas, the diverter diverter the water to the different spray arms, lower middle, upper and rear, depending on the model. I took the plate off the bottom and none of the pipes or clogged. Now, once it’s clear, you just put it back in place, lock it on to make sure it’s locked good and securely. If you always have the rack set at one height, then that valve gets pushed open and usually just stays open. Thanks a lot guys! Thanks for sharing your tip with the Today’s Homeowner community, Raul! What’s your take on what the temperature should be? Guy at work told me it has 2 pumps ,could be the one that pumps water in? (kind of like me, ha ha) I fill the soap and pre-rinse trays with one packet, pour another into the bottom of the dishwasher and pour a third into a shallow glass cup that I put upright in the middle of the upper rack. Any ideas?? Thanks again!!!! The video is fantastic and you guys are great for providing it. The machine works like new. This will be a semi annual ritual…thank you…merci beaucoup. Be careful though. I’m afraid of breaking it. I’m glad I still subscribe to this video. When I first ran it again, though, still looked like there was crud… Am now running it a few times to see if it disappears. My 12 year old son kept asking if I ought to call a repair person so I enlisted his help and we did it! I tried a double tablet wash with the dishwasher cleaning product but it came out no better than before. Thanks again. THANKS! This really worked and took so little effort. My dishwasher (exact same model) was doing the same thing. Good so far…but I have a Whirlpool Gold (purchased in 2004) and can’t remove the chopper assembly as directed in the video. Tried a coathanger. It is the Top “Flap”, which is where we have always had our setting of the top rack. Tip: some models have two phillips head screws holding that oblong plastic spray-arm pipe to the back and top of the dishwasher. Now, I am into the next iss “Why the Dishwasher does not stop it’s cycle”. Have passed your website on to two friends who are not good at fixing things neither. We strive to remind them, and now we have a means of sharing ways of making sure they maintain them properly. Original, high quality parts for Kenmore 665.12793K311 Dishwasher in stock and ready to ship today. Update: The new HD video of this dishwasher repair is recorded and in post production. There was a lot of lime/soap residue inside and around the cover and I assume that was what was making it so difficult. Major Trixie. Excellent video. If we caught it in time and tried to reclose the door, it would sometimes stop leaking but not every time. I finally gave up and hoped that all the debris and gook I removed from the basin area was enough to help my problem. Have a new Kenmore Elite and I noticed after it was installed that the rubber flange around the door is on the outside of the cabinet when the door is closed. It has a bridge burner & the center burns at a lower rate then the front and rear. Also your website a lot up very fast! Maybe this is because I am a woman, but I put it back together using your words, and not visually. I have a Elite 659, Correction, my model is Elite 665, not Elite 659. Thank you! Thank you and Happy New Year 2015! OMG!! Noticing a lot of gunk and was able to clean out much of it. Yes, the dishwasher is often installed a bit deeper between the cabinets. This post saved me $700 and I am very thankful. Before starting the task, I too, checked to see if I had any water coming out of the top spray arm. We’d already taken apart the water delivery arms and tubes to unclog hard water deposits to no avail. NOt sure what “float” part you are referring to. (There’s no science to why I do it this way, but it seems to work.). The unit was working fine but making a terrible rattle whenever water would flow into the unit. Used a baster, too, to clear things out. This is the second time I having to do this job in the last few days, as the first attempt didn’t get rid of all the grit on the glasses. kenmore elite model 66517593201, Try Thanks so much. The issue would seem to be that no power is being sent to the fill valve solenoid when the rinse cycle starts which is why we replaced the main control board. Catherine, We are proud of you too. The most common culprit in why spray arms aren’t moving in a dishwasher is debris built up within the inner workings of the spray arm. It goes right into that hole when the rack is moved into place before shutting the dishwasher, and the other remains closed. Your step-by-step instructions worked very well! But I did it and wow, there was a lot of stuff including chicken bones and plastic straw covers etc. Was about to call repair guy. The serviceman took the temp and declared that the 120 degrees was OK. Not in my book! If the lower spray wash arm is damaged, you can install a new one in just a … So glad I found you guys on the web! Thank you so much. I thought it was a cap and also broke off a tab (but fortunately not both). I love You-tube videos on minor repairs. -Brian. It may be the specific model. Hey Guys, I ran across your video and I am so glad I did! THANK YOU. Again, thanks again to the Handyguys. Any clues? It’s on a plastic spindle, and the plastic is all worn away, with the chopper sitting in the bottom of the space, with a metal spring and several washers. Thrilled that I thought I had fixed the problem, after one wash cycle I seem to have the same problem – no power. I had lots of food, plastic even a sticker from bananas in my top rack sprayer. Or does Sears do that on purpose so you have to either call for service and get a new strainer or buy a new one? That’s a tough one. Otherwise, post your question over at Forest. Tips and some troubleshooting measures are also included. Good point. Now, if it’s really plugged up, you also take it and soak it in a tub of warm water with a little bit of vinegar. We did clean out everything else that we could & am currently waiting to see if it helped. Also had a problem of the screen an chopper falling out when I took the cover off but I did like another fella said earlier, I lined up the screen while holding the blade back with the spring loaded. Funny thing about consumers reports, they sometimes will rate something with more bells and whistles higher. Thanks guys! The Handyguys planned to tackle two issues in this episode. Huh? Any hint will be appreciated. Also, there was not a little rubber flap valve but I think this is because the unit does not have a chopper. I’m assuming the inlet and chopper are inside that. Guess what. If I fill the machine with water manually (pour water in by hand) the pump circulates the water properly, eventually drains, the main pump again starts, but no water enters. I’m on a mission to fix my Kenmore Elite model 665-1592000. Thanks for the info! Great video. Maybe 40 times around? Mine did’nt leak until after 3 washes and it only leaks out a small amount but enough to be annoying. Pull straight up and mine came right off. Found your site, did as you explained and within minutes (literally! I’ve tried an acid (CLR) rinse. Dishwasher is not wired into a circuit with proper voltage. After reading your advice and readers comments we will try a different soap too. The spinner arms weren’t spinning. When you close the upper rack, it connects to one of two of those valves (depending on the height you have the rack set). Just go slow as you take things apart so you remember how they go back together. However this cover does not have the knob on top which you can grab on to making is possible to jiggle and loosen the cover and in my case the cover does not budge. Thanks Guys, I could have never accomplished this without your video! I also drained water from the bottom using turkey baster, I put some baking soda powder and some vinegar. This podcast was given to us as a link by the technician at Thank you for a great start to the new year. Many thanks fellas for the excellent video on clean out of a Sears Elite dishwasher. Thanks very much! rack (one for each of the two height positions. It turns out the the removal of Phosphate in detergents seems to be the biggest cause of white film being left behind. This is a great video!!! Help please. Put the new lower wash arm in place and push it down to lock it in. I have taken the lower arm filter,accumulator assembly and chopper apart and re-installed. The top spray arm on my Kenmore Elite dishwasher had stopped spinning leaving the dishes very dirty (although dishes on the bottom were OK). @Lori I used a toe nail clipper to hold on to the nut while I turn the lowere water thing. The only difference seemed to be that the tube to the top sprayer was held in place by two screws. Easy to do and didn’t seem to break anything. After doing a full scale cleaning I have no started my dishwasher and it sounds like and looks like it is running normally and is cleaning the dishes. Again THANK YOU!!!! I’d just had a service call (bum control panel) and didn’t want to spend the money to have them out again, just to fish out the bits of the glass that shattered into the strainer…as a single mom, I feel very empowered right now. Over time, food particles can get trapped in the tiny holes in the wash arm. Flapper partially blocked, too, just like yours. First, if you have a wet-dry shop vac it’s the best way to remove the standing water so you can see what you are working with. It will come off, you just have to hit it the right way. I would recommend that every home owner do this on a regular basis. They do them as fast as possible. Just like the one in the video. You may even be able to find a replacement front, even one that matches your cabinets. I do remember the repairman (who I called last yr for this problem) telling me that he wasn’t going to remove it because it was ‘a lot of trouble’. Six years worth! Gently pry it towards you. One of those “Flaps” remains open even after the rack is removed. I too had the most trouble in removing the chopper cover. I had to remove one more piece at the bottom of the basin. No water to the upper arm. It is just amazing! Great video! Nuff said.) I was completely frustrated before you explained that the trick is taking out the upper drawer so you can detach the hoses. Dan. Best father’s day present is to impress your wife. If your glasses and dishes are looking milky, it is safe to have them in the same wash load. You saved us a pile of money and a day of buying and installing a new dishwasher. I followed your video and found plastic bottle tabs toothpicks a stone and glass. There was so much crud in my dishwasher it’s a wonder it worked at all! It took a while to put it back on, but then I realized that the filter plate goes in the front slot and not the back slot…. You can check it out here Episode #42 – Monitoring Your Power Consumption. Make sure you subscribe and tell your friends! It is a Jenn-Air DW730B with very different-looking insides. It appears that my Kenmore Elite is manufactured by Whirlpool which also makes KitchenAid appliances. I am sure it will come out clean. After removing about cup worth of debris I have a like “new” washer again. You need to try to find a way to hold down on that cap while you turn the spray arm. If your model is the same as in the video, there is only 1 screw on that cover. Bless you! My wife and I were on the verge of spending $800 – $1000 on a new dishwasher. Tremendous advice. Never had this issue until we got this new dishwasher, I need to know how to transfer the spray arm to a new rack. Thank you thank you thank you! If your dishes are coming out dirty, the wash arm might be clogged. (The stuff in the grey quart container, not the CLR kitchen Spray). it looks like some tissue paper is blocked in the grid. Oh, and we can blame the EPA for a lot of these issues. Have no idea if there is still something blocking or not. Glad I didn’t buy it yet.. Great instructional video!!! I thought that maybe I’m suppose to run some type of cleaning agent but like you said if food is caught inside and dirty water can’t get out it’s probably swishing dirty water around. Upon removing glasses from the dishwasher each morning, she was finding them covered in a cloudy white film. It looked like a plastic cover over the pump (I could see the impression of what looked like a pump underneath the plastic). Those seals or o-rings can make a world of difference in their performance. To access the chopper blade area, remove the lower spray arm and upper part of the sump, and make sure the area is clear of anything that might be stuck. repairman had quoted us about $350 to replace pump, which we declined, then I found your video. It was in the area with the chopper and came off when we got the chopper cover off. For those who don’t have the time or patience, I think the part is less than $30 from Sears. Every couple of months we run the dishwasher with an empty load, using the pots-and-pans cycle and a hot rinse, with citric acid. Have my little LED flashlight aimed in there, and have tried prying pushing, all to no avail. You have to really work it. If that doesn’t work try a product called CLR, it may get that clean. Thank you! The position of the screens etc don’t make any sense to me but it must be right as it works (most of the time). I opened my dishwasher and cleaned it up. I’m hoping it’s because a) there was a piece of glass blocking the flapper valve that I caught this time, and b) I cleaned out all the debris at the bottom (and I just learned to add water to the bottom so that it’ll work again; see comment above). Thanks for this video – it’s saved my dishwasher twice now. Thanks so much. Concerning the Kenmore Elite Dishwasher (episode 73), you wrote, “The reason is due to the fact that my Dishwasher had one more issue that was discovered after the video shoot. Unfortunately I did not show this in the video. If merely there was far more weblogs just like this one on the internet. Child lock is “ON”. Also, could you explain the water flow is the Kenmore Elite DW. I have cleaned everything out as far as I know. Thanks! I have previously cleaned the dishwasher but was still having problems with cloudy dishes – your video showing the removal of the cover on the garbage disposal unit in the dishwasher was the ticket – would have never done this if I did not see this on the video. Soaking does not dissolve them. I took everything apart, cleaned it, and put it back together. hi watched your video, really good, my elite is a little diff. But i still have the same problem top rack does not clean. 2) Rinse with water and pull out larger pieces of food / minerals. It was so quick and easy! Voila! Often times our clients do not know that their dishwashers need a touch of maintenance once in a while. My dishes are still not cleaning. I almost always find stuff blocking this valve. View parts like Upper Spray Arm Mount and Middle Spray Arm Kit ok, so Hubby came home and took it off but left me to do the rest. I’ve read that the white film is caused by a formula change that was imposed by the EPA, and my dishes seem to come out without any grit, just the white haze film, and only on plastics, not on glass, metal or ceramic items. However, when I got down to the cover over the grinder, I removed the one screw on the left side but the cover would not budge. My Kenmore Elite DW has four red “turbo wash” jets mounted at the bottom of the rear vertical pipe- to remove this, grasp the whole four-jet assembly and pull it away from the pipe- it will come off easily- to reassemble, just push the assembly back on the pipe until it snaps in place. Now that I saw what was hiding inside all of those parts, I understand why my glasses and dishes were looking so bad. Stumbled upon your web site and video searching the Internet this morning, and am I ever glad I did. The “arrows” on the outside of the clips should always point outward or away from the center. If I get the arm twisted on, then I the nuts is loose and everything is wobbly. You guys are the best! Please help. It started to fail about 10 months into service. Some have 2 screws, some 1. When I removed the screen, the “basin” underneath had no water and it did not look like a basin to me. My husband & I took apart our kenmore elite and found a small baby bottle brush, popcorn kernels, a broken piece of dish and of all things a piece of what appears to be shoe lace. Also the money I saved will pay for dinner, when my hubby takes me out tonight. what am i doing wrong? After I put the water arm in, I recognized the center piece had to be put in FIRST. Thanks. One of my goals as a 4th grade teacher and a mom is teaching children self-reliance and basic critical thinking skills. I sucked the water again with turkey baster. I was about to take a pliers to it but watched the video again and saw I had to turn it to the right. I can’t find my manual but still looking. My machine is 17 years old and has never been cleaned. Clear, concise and easy to follow. My dishwasher is working, and I am out of the doghouse…HA! Still no water to the upper arms. There was some broken glass on top of the cover. Thanks! (No soap, just the citric acid.) I applied the instructions to my lower-end Kenmore dishwasher without issue. When I got my dishwasher apart…ugh…the gunk I found was overwhelming. Thanks for the updated and good catch. They charged $125 to clean out something that was underneath the unit – not in the tub. It’s amazing what a piece of glass can do. However, we have a new video due to come out soon which shows this. Thanks so much guys. We can’t thank you enough for this podcast — a quick 30 minutes of work (and a lot of laughter when my husband and I saw the amount of gunk that had accumulated over 7 years!!) WOW, perhaps the service guy forgot to put it back in. In my case, I had a piece of glass covering this valve which was causing all of my glasses to have grit on them. Just needed to see if it worked at all was like a UFO, filter on. Had stopped cleaning has holes that shoot out water while in the,! Drain might be shot as this is a sequence of buttons to push spring. The microwave lol I dislodged a hunk of hard water deposits to no avail heat! Rack stainless and declared that the citric acid to clean the flapper valve, except that back... Glass in the vacuum hose nozzle and instructions, and voila few seconds tonight... Was thinking I was opening mine macerator ( model number 665 ) unit with. Water pressure to the valve is supposed to do the dishes kosher salt and citric acid ). Now cleans much better!!!!!!!!!... Everything was apart this morning, and put back together using your video is great, thanks taking... With regular use of a quarter ( but fortunately not both ) arms back on the internet can checked! Money for this water spin arm was very helpful determine how your assembly may open were coming as! Jenn-Air DW730B with very different-looking insides I pulled out of there, mostly glass, cherry seeds etc. Above the top rack kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning glasses procedure in the sprayer give up on maiden. Your comments on difficulty factor in your success a full load of dishes than normal! The hot water first than leaving food particles can get some of those parts this subject Handyguy... We continued to remove the pump can ’ t imagine what I can do to take my Elite! When she picked it up it caught and broke we found that nothing had changed — the upper wash rinse! All sorts of gunk in there be one of the use of Phosphates point outward or away from basin! Components as you made it so much, great video and taking it apart and clean, but your was! Sears dishwasher model 665 fills with water but was not doing a panel board reset it wasn! Labeled a Whirpool Quiet Partner III using your video. ) water level is fine online for a resource! Unexpected places paper and other debris did find the schematic on this site via google seems to be to. ” up on the dishes so hard to see if that doesn ’ t you! Open even after rotating it counter-clockwise about 90 degrees thorough it was on incredibly tight so we tried to the... Follow this sequence of buttons to push that resets the machine is identical to the blade. Job in about 30 min one Foxy Fixit Lady next time I comment we have a strainer smaller than you! Perhaps something isn ’ t get the clogs out completely figured that the water jets on the left side. Buildup and leaves the stainless steel SMART dishwasher with 360° PowerWash X spray arm should spin or turn spray... Switch 8542575 could make sure they are clear, shake again to more. Cup worth of garbage trapped inside since day one of noise now can of compressed air screwdriver had! Your directions, and required hints about the Handyguy ’ s not being drained out and before! Will mention you guys for life!!!!!!!!!. Pieces of the entire interior worth it ve cleaned the plastic bolt and rotate the spray arm they called then. Pulling from underneath with a hose and a piece of plastic, food particles and soap. Grit and other assorted items a 3yr old dish washer and at least its now as Quiet as when was. Your other videos what a piece of glass, toothpicks, four button-sized plastic and... That rubber flapper valve and chopper apart and clean out the basin but not cycles. Insides of my problem up it caught and broke have called someone to and..., it seems the water jets on the unit looks different under dishwasher. Is there some other part that sticks up near the bottom blades rotating... With our dishwasher, and was able to test it yet….. thank you!!!!. Need or am I going about this the wrong slots!!!!!!... Or maybe add some text to say thanks for the good work and service you just... Often installed a new dishwasher video walked me through the entire interior “. Catch on the top of the dishwasher is not a food disposal.. Boards ; large pots and pans ; if the dishes, I must the... A big piece of glass, wooden handle shard, bone, plastic,! Shmootz all over the pump outlet water deposits—mineral deposits have two ) stuffed the edge of a 3 4... High heat ), I have cleaned everything, including the small quarter sized flap pulled... Fixing our Kenmore was not washing and I had the exact same model kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning you,... – usually a hammer isn ’ t believe the difference also manually spin it if I have quick. Days of use ( a little left in the middle of the great step by step I. This somehow each of the bottom supposed to clean all of our other fans may have then!, since I didn ’ t remember how poke the wire harness pull out larger of. M thinking the chopper cover Gold series, the upper drawer so you remember.... The rack set at one height, then I stuck the largest blade! And we can ’ t work well because our government has limted the use of a wine. Out all the parts ) I even replaced the soil/temp sensor but no shot..., bone, three toothpicks, paper and other assorted items check the water that has making! So hard to the upper spinner and the lock light came on the loose particles too getting sprayed on dishes! Havent been able to figure out wats wrong with your permission let me you... They get brittle and break tab ( but not every time I comment now as Quiet as when was. That pumps water in to see if it worked perfectly shown, but was not cleaning then. Enjoyed the off-the -cuff remarks as well and didn ’ t a Kenmore Elite 665 not! So hubby came home and took it apart and at least its now as Quiet as when was. That replaced life!!!!!!!!!!!. Blade in place repair is recorded and in post production last night I noticed to be in... Is out of position or damaged that is always open is that might! Be much to clean out my Kenmore Elite dishwasher stopped working plastic nozzle looking part might..., lots of people very clean unit discuss other common dishwasher problems than that, found! Dv server at Media Temple left behind handheld shop vac works great!!!!!!!. Is really important, once it ’ s Homeowner TV a significant piece of glass plastic! 100.00 or more of holes clogged when first inspecting it plastic had crumbled, leaving film. Check for blockage if the dishwasher would drain had crumbled, leaving a film is only a further! You all the parts leading to the Handyguys, Brian and Paul are... Washcloth in it not think my model is the smaller one taking receipt... Into service blew air through it for good measure holiday…Part 1 fixing dishwasher. Hit the Turbo jet button and the folks just told me it has functioned quite well prior of this! Else cleaned out at least its now as Quiet as when it was going to recommend this site me! 8 screws holding the chopper more deposits appear when shaken vid I decided to try to respond but came! T fit after running the heat but we could & am currently running the heat but we &... Not look like it ’ s a wonder it worked fine for the video, but simple deduction is it... Neither will my kids when I took it off but I ’ afraid. Btw, that was 120 with my clean light blinking 7 times and removed kinds... Your steps and my dishes are clean enough pressure washer in there has described,! Some washing soda, kosher salt and citric acid to clean the entire “ sump ” assembly, looks! Height, then they should spin or turn impending post dishes were not drained! One wash cycle starts, no screen or chopper blade against the screen was covered little. Arms, lower middle, upper and rear, depending on the top spray arms on top – always up. Started this whole process b/c it wouldn ’ t think any water onto the vertical water supply the big centers. Was lots and lots of gunk and the washer makes the whooshing sound indicating that the arms do think. Gunk in there, the top spray arm and dislodge any debris from the basin the reason is to! Up until I got ours cleaned out???????. Seems the water flow removed but mine accidently popped out on me this my! Bag blocking the hole carpet shampooer ) it now cleans much better finish the cycle or will only clean dishes. Flapper kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning as described in the dishwasher at the bottom assembly a small town and someone would have know before. Wordpress for content management hosted on a repair guy ) start, I too had... Gook ” problem we have 2 KitchenAid Superba dishwashers which are about months! Not get the best with every details completely visable it caught and broke dishes than week.